Achilles’ Tendon Disorders

The Achilles’ tendon is the largest and strongest tendon in the body.

Lets start with some basic anatomy. Another name for this tendon is the triceps surae. The reason for this is because there are three muscle in the back of the leg that contribute to formation of this tendon. These include the gastrocnemius muscle (see my blog post on heel pain and the utility of the Baumann procedure), the soleus muscle and the plantaris muscle (not everyone has this muscle).

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Limb Salvage and Foot Infections

Foot infections, especially in the setting of neuropathy and diabetes mellitus, are unfortunately a common malady seen by Dr. Nodelman as a podiatrist in Alexandria, Virginia. Dr. Nodelman sees patients at his practice, located off the 495 Beltway in Alexandria, Virginia and also at the Mount Vernon Wound Healing Center. He also holds privileges at Northern Virginia hospitals including Inova Fairfax Medical Campus, Inova Alexandria Hospital and Inova Mount Vernon Hospital.

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